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  • November 2, 2017
  • Team AMPM
  • Skye Haddy
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Meet AMPM’s Skye Haddy

Skye Haddy is all about challenging herself and those around her through a fun and active lifestyle, something which is consistently personified through her training regime. Being a passionate and dedicated athlete, Skye also believes strongly in doing what you love and always challenging yourself to achieve bigger and better things.


Skye kicked off her fitness journey at the age of six when her mum decided she should stop climbing trees and start practicing her moves in a safe environment. As a kid, doing gymnastics became a big part of Skye’s routine, almost as much as going to school or brushing her teeth. “When I was about 16 is when it really kicked in… Whenever I had spare time, I’d be down at the park training. I’m always wanting to be active, doing something, because it just makes me happy.”

Skye’s passion for movement has undoubtedly followed her into adulthood with rest days still consisting of sneaky handstands and chin-ups around the house. “I guess it’s just a way of life. Once you start doing it every day, when you’re not doing it, it’s just … It’s wrong”.

As a trainer, Skye believes that every little accomplishment is much bigger than it may seem.

“If it’s your first time and you’ve worked hard to get there, you deserve the same credit – no matter what you’re doing, because it’s incredible! It’s a great feeling, and everyone needs to be appreciated and congratulated for that.”

Skye is our ever-smiling Acro coach for both adults and children.

If you’re keen to jump into one of Skye’s classes, check out our timetable or give us a call on 07 5554 5002.

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