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  • December 18, 2017
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Meet AMPM’s Gaz Griffiths

Gaz Griffiths is the master of moves at AMPM HQ, and initially burst onto the fitness scene through the art of break dancing. Towards the end of high school, he witnessed a classmate throwing down some moves in the school yard and from there, decided to start playing around with some steps of his own. After perfecting his style for a period of time, Gaz developed a strong passion for the sport and eventually went on to pursue a career in break dancing – competing as early as 2001 and internationally since 2005.

Throughout this period, Gaz has featured in a number of internationally recognised competitions such as ‘So, You Think You Can Dance’, and ‘Streets Got Talent,’ where he progressed to the grand finale.

Skipping ahead to today, Gaz has recently become a certified PT – joining the dynamic team at AMPM and bringing with him an array of complementary skills and knowledge. As a trainer with a background in a different type of movement, Gaz encourages everyone to get in there and give it a go without worrying about what other people might think. “If you enjoy it, just go hard at it and don’t listen to everyone else. Just have fun.”

Inspiration is another big thing for Gaz, especially when it comes to smashing goals. Aside from training, Gaz takes inspiration from his friends and peers, particularly within his dancing circles. “I always surround myself with the people I look up to. There are a lot of people who inspire me, especially those who are new to the fitness industry.”

As our very own master of movement, Gaz now takes one on one, two on one and class training sessions, focussing mainly on Cali Conditioning, Tred and Iron Core.

If you’re interested in increasing knowledge, strength and cardiovascular endurance, come and check out one of Gaz’s classes at AMPM!

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