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  • February 28, 2018
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Meet AMPM’s Jazi

Introducing Jazi, our master massage therapist and dance teacher here at AMPM!

Throughout his 8-year career as a massage therapist, Jazi has treated many professional movers and dancers across the Brisbane and Gold Coast scenes. Although his passion lies in dance, Jazi also loves passing on his knowledge and understanding of the body to different scenes and audiences as well – especially the members and trainers at AMPM. “I know how hard they work; they definitely need treatment and that’s why AMPM is a perfect fit for me.”

As with many of our trainers, Jazi joined the team at AMPM as a friend and mentee of our founder Yogi. “He’s always respected our movement and I’ve always respected his movement. It came hand in hand and it made sense for me to come in and join the team and help out. Really, I want to do Yogi proud, really represent AMPM and continue his legacy.”

Jazi’s biggest tip to people involved with any sort of training is to listen to your body and ensure you’re backing up the hard work with a healthy lifestyle in a holistic sense. “For my clients, I try to give them the best treatment I can and then it’s up to them afterwards to look after themselves in order to see that progress when they return for treatment.” Although massage can work wonders on just about any athlete, it’s what you do after the massage to back up your hard work that really counts. This could involve rehabilitation, stretching or even lifestyle in general. Whatever it may be, doing it consistently and doing it well will allow your body to react better to the massage treatment and essentially, facilitate better athletic progression.

So what are you waiting for? Wind down after your workout and treat your body to a restorative session with AMPM resident massage therapist, Jazi!

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