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  • January 17, 2018
  • Ben Whitmore
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Meet AMPM’s Josh Sternberg

Kicking off his fitness journey at the tender age of 3, Josh’s love of movement began through playing AFL. However, it wasn’t long before he was delving into any sport he could – athletics, hockey, touch football, netball and just about anything else he could find the time for. Becoming an AFL coach from the age of 13 and acquiring various coaching certificates throughout school, training and coaching is almost second nature to Josh – a trait that has become invaluable as a personal trainer.

Being his first passion, Josh focused his energy on AFL up until he turned 17 when he injured himself to the point where he was unable to run or train with his team. Despite his injuries, Josh was able to get into the gym and start an alternate style of training regime which is where he discovered his love for calisthenics.

After leaving school, Josh chose a career path in Real Estate – something which was short-lived due to his lack of passion for the profession. Going back to his roots, Josh decided to follow his love for fitness by becoming a qualified personal trainer and joining the ranks as an AMPM coach.

As a man with ambition, Josh can’t wait to dig his hands into his new role as trainer of both Tread and Iron Core classes. “Both sessions are pretty epic! We’ve got military style training which is intense and a bit more hands-on. Then we have iron core which is more about the strength and conditioning side of things – something I really love!”

Josh’s classes are based in the style of training that he has become accustomed to in the past. As someone who has a soft spot for strength and weight-training, this is reflected in his classes and training schedules.

For new clients, Josh’s number one piece of advice is to just try. Building up strength and skill initially takes time but once you’ve got that momentum and body awareness, incorporating a diverse range of moves into your repertoire becomes so much more natural. “All you can do is just go and give it a crack!”

Josh is currently looking to expand his client base throughout the gym so if you’re keen to start ticking off some new year’s resolutions, get into one of his explosive strength classes today!

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