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  • December 14, 2017
  • Team AMPM
  • Shane Rogers
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Meet AMPM’s Shane Rogers

Shane Rogers is our explosive all-rounder at AMPM, allowing him to teach and train in all classes. Similar to many of our trainers, Shane kicked off his fitness career down at the Burleigh bars where he was practicing moves he’d seen on the internet. Through training there consistently, he met AMPM founder, Johann Ofner who began teaching him calisthenics in more depth, developing his passion for the sport.

Coming from humble beginnings himself, Shane knows all too well the desire to level up and master the art of motion and movement. He even admits to barely being capable of an average set of pull-ups when he first started – allowing him a better understanding of fitness progression and making him the perfect coach for those who haven’t quite mastered their moves.

Coming a long way from where he started, Shane now owes his fitness success to two key things: time and consistency. “Compared to where I am now, it seems pretty unachievable. We all started from a very low end but with time and consistency in our training, we’ve been able to get to where we are now.”

Another major player in Shane’s training sessions is mindset. According to him, your mindset is the whole game and without it, achieving goals is going to be really difficult. “Always keep it positive and your sessions will make you more positive in return.”

In addition to evolving fitness goals, Shane is currently working hard to pursue his dream as a Ninja Warrior in the next instalment of the show.

If you’re ready to achieve more fitness goals or simply wish to jump in and try something new, get into one of Shane’s awesome classes at AMPM HQ! For more info, head to our timetable page or come down to the gym and see for yourself!

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