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  • December 11, 2017
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Meet AMPM’s Dylan Cartwright

Dylan Cartwright started his fitness career in the form of Martial Arts, something he trained in mercilessly for over 10 years. From there, Dylan turned down the path of calisthenics after meeting local Ninja and founder of the AMPM movement, Johann Ofner, before finally progressing into body building. Like many, he met Johann at “the bars” and was drawn to his infectious support and curiosity to know more and help more.

Although he trains a few weight-loss and cali clients, Dylan describes himself as the ‘hype man’ of AMPM, someone who is constantly bringing the buzz and keeping every class upbeat and motivated, this is a key foundation in Dylan’s approach and is the kind of vibe you can expect to find in any class at AMPM HQ.

Dylan’s top tip for mastering calisthenics is to savour the progressions; don’t try to advance too quickly as this is where most people will injure themselves – and therefore can’t train! “You’re never too strong to go back to the basics, especially with core training, so make sure everything you’re learning is embedded in the right way,” explains Dylan.

Outside of training, Dylan loves adventure and aims to travel more, jump out of more planes and seek more adrenaline-pumping activities. He is also very keen to get down to Muscle Beach in America where he will head to the bars and show off his moves.

If you’re keen to level up you’re training, come in with a never-give-up attitude and get buzzing with Dylan and the team!

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