AMPM’s fun, low impact, high energy workouts is perfect for all ages and fitness levels. It’s movement based fitness; you were literally born to do.
Best of ALL, you can also take advantage of our world-class trainers who are the best at they do.

Want to get fit? Try our Cali Conditioning class which will tone and condition your body to another level! Need to build your strength? Icon Core has you covered. No matter the style the guys at are able help achieve your and exceed your training goals.

Our staff are friendly, professional and experts in their fields. Book a time to see Matt for a tour of the facility.

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Life Lessons: Training with Kids

As someone who trained a lot from a very young age, teaching kids the importance of health and fitness is something that I have always...

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Personal training specials with Harley Kay

Train one-on-one with our very own Harley Kay As an AMPM calisthenics coach, Harley is always striving to motivate people to better utilise their bodies....

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