You come for the fitness, but you’ll stay
for the family


The need to move around and feel the blood flowing through our bodies is deeply encoded into our DNA. Mastering the art of motion and controlling every muscle is not simple, yet, like warriors we seek to conquer it. To push our limits and discover how powerful our body and mind can be. This is what we stand for at AMPM | Art of Motion Pursuit of Movement, proudly the biggest calisthenic community in Australia.

AMPM caters to movement-based artists. It’s about being aware and fully able to control and own your body, a functional body with effective movement applying balance, positions, patterns, techniques, and power. Art of Motion Pursuit of Movement is shaping one’s ability to apply movement potential to all aspects of life, and learning how best to take advantage of the body’s natural flow.

To carry out our movement in style, we also offer our lifestyle apparel that was born out of street wear and movement culture. Designed and created for movement-based artists, we specialise in functional athletic apparel whilst maintaining urban steeze and striving to achieve continuous excellence and quality.

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Worldwide movement, founded and inspired by Johann Ofner, loving father, friend, partner and true legend, who now lives in our hearts.

His true warrior mindset and loving heart energized those around him and often proved that limits were made to be broken. He naturally brought up the best version of every person he met and worked with.

All his life he was a supporter of the natural flow of movement as the key to a healthy and happy lifestyle. His mission was to share this with the world. It is now our mission to continue to keep his vision alive.