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Member Spotlight: Brendon Klimeck

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Name: Brendon Klimeck

Nickname: Brendo

Age: 25

 How long have been part of the AMPM HQ family?

Pretty much since the opening of the AMPM gym

What’s your favourite class?

Iron Core, I love the reps and sets and it’s a great class to challenge you, whether it is to hold something for a few more seconds or pump out a few more reps!

Who is the toughest Coach?

They are all tough in different ways! James Wright, he loves his burpees!

What attracted you to AMPM HQ?

The training style and the functionality you get out of it. I stepped away from weight training completely to focus on building a more functional, lean and stronger body.

Outside HQ and work, what do you spend your time doing?

I have two dogs, which I just love to take out! I ride a motorcycle and love getting out in the hills and soaking up the freedom and nature throughout the hinterlands!

What inspires you to exercise?

Just becoming a better person physically and mentally, the benefits you get out of training are amazing. Being surrounded by people who love and enjoy the same thing makes it more enjoyable.

If you could make one unhealthy food healthy, what would that be?

I generally eat pretty healthy, but it would have to be pizza!

What makes AMPM HQ different to other gyms?

There are no weight machines; everything is solely bodyweight or free weight. You become a part of the family, no one makes you feel left out and we all work together to look after and motivate one another. Everyone is so supportive no matter what your background in training is, everyone is willing to give a helping hand to make sure we all achieve what we want!

Meet AMPM’s Jazi

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Introducing Jazi, our master massage therapist and dance teacher here at AMPM!

Throughout his 8-year career as a massage therapist, Jazi has treated many professional movers and dancers across the Brisbane and Gold Coast scenes. Although his passion lies in dance, Jazi also loves passing on his knowledge and understanding of the body to different scenes and audiences as well – especially the members and trainers at AMPM. “I know how hard they work; they definitely need treatment and that’s why AMPM is a perfect fit for me.”

As with many of our trainers, Jazi joined the team at AMPM as a friend and mentee of our founder Yogi. “He’s always respected our movement and I’ve always respected his movement. It came hand in hand and it made sense for me to come in and join the team and help out. Really, I want to do Yogi proud, really represent AMPM and continue his legacy.”

Jazi’s biggest tip to people involved with any sort of training is to listen to your body and ensure you’re backing up the hard work with a healthy lifestyle in a holistic sense. “For my clients, I try to give them the best treatment I can and then it’s up to them afterwards to look after themselves in order to see that progress when they return for treatment.” Although massage can work wonders on just about any athlete, it’s what you do after the massage to back up your hard work that really counts. This could involve rehabilitation, stretching or even lifestyle in general. Whatever it may be, doing it consistently and doing it well will allow your body to react better to the massage treatment and essentially, facilitate better athletic progression.

So what are you waiting for? Wind down after your workout and treat your body to a restorative session with AMPM resident massage therapist, Jazi!

What is Calisthenics?

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When thinking about exercise, many people think solely of gym routines and class workouts. In recent years’ however, one of the most traditional forms of exercise has made a grand resurgence in popularity for a range of reasons, the greatest of which is its depiction in reality TV shows Australian Ninja Warrior and Australian Spartan. At AMPM, calisthenics or “cali” is our favourite way to get active so for anyone who is still a little unsure of what it is, here is a brief rundown as well as a few of the key benefits to training in this style.

The word calisthenics originates from the Greek words kallos (meaning beauty) and sthenos (meaning strength). In essence, calisthenics is designed to improve flexibility and strength by utilising basic movement such as pushing, pulling and lifting without use of external weight systems.

Utilising the resistance of your own body rather than external equipment, training calisthenics can offer a more functional workout that improves your ability to perform a range of physical tasks. It also provides better insight into how to use all elements of your body as a whole, rather than simply isolating and training individual muscles.

So why do we love it so much? Aside from the fact that it can be performed just about anywhere you go, here are a few of the reasons why cali is our favourite style of training:

1. Strengthen & tone muscles

Training cali is a great way to tone up and build muscle mass without putting your body through unnecessary strain that traditional weight training can often inflict. It is important to keep in mind that muscles grow through progressively increasing resistance and that for this reason, building muscle mass through calisthenics training can only take you so far. Although it may not be the best method for those trying to bulk up significantly, calisthenics is great for building moderate muscle mass which can easily be maintained through consistent training.

2. Weight loss

Weight loss is another attractive benefit of training calisthenics, something which is achieved by two means. Firstly, the strength-aspects of calisthenics allows you to boost your resting metabolic rate through increased muscle mass, meaning you will burn more calories even when resting. In addition, calisthenics facilitates a spiking heart rate ie aerobic exercise – one of the best-known ways to shed a few centimetres off the waistline.

3. Flexibility from calisthenics

Increased strength enables improved flexibility. This means that the stronger you are, the easier it will become to extend and contract your muscles. Through improving muscle strength and tone, you are essentially improving your flexibility as well. This makes calisthenics a great training method for surfers and dancers.

4. Endurance

Calisthenics also requires/facilitates a high level of circuit training which is fantastic for increasing physical endurance. As you work through your reps each day, you’ll begin to notice your ability to go further and further before fatiguing. When executed holistically, training calisthenics has the ability to greatly improve stamina of all muscle groups and parts of the body – most importantly, the cardiovascular system.

Calisthenics is the perfect workout to improve many aspects of physical health and fitness, while also minimising the risk of muscle tears and related injuries. Whether you’re keen to do your first set of chin-ups, handstands or training for an event, get into one of our dynamite classes or contact AMPM today!

Get an introduction to Calisthenics FREE with Shane Rogers

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How does a FREE 30-mins personal introduction to calisthenics sound? 

Coming from humble beginnings, Shane knows all too well the desire to level up and master the art of motion and movement. He even admits to barely being capable of an average set of pull-ups when he first started – allowing him a better understanding of fitness progression and making him the perfect coach for those who haven’t quite mastered their moves.

To give back and help spread the good calisthenics word, Shane is offering FREE 30-minute introductions to calisthenics!

This offer will only be around for a limited time, so if you’d like to chat with Shane about your goals and how he can help, or you would just like more info, request a call back from him by entering your details below.

Learn more about Shane HERE

Member Spotlight: Sally Cross

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Name: Sally Cross

Nickname: Sal

Age: 26

How long have been part of the AMPM HQ family?
I visited HQ for the first time on opening day and chatted with Hayley, then I signed up to a membership starting on the 21st of June when I returned from Darwin. So almost 5 months.

What’s your favourite class?
I really enjoy the Cali Conditioning classes! And Ninja is definitely a fave too.

Outside HQ and work, what do you spend your time doing?
Majority of my free time is spent at the beach and going on mini-adventures around the place with friends.

What new skill have you learnt since being at HQ, that you are most proud of?
I will never forget the first time I nailed a cali-roll!

What do you love most about being part of the AMPM HQ family?
The saying ‘friends are the family you choose’ really applies here. I love the atmosphere at the studio and the general attitude of the members and trainers when it comes to passing on knowledge, encouraging each other and being generally good humans! I feel so at home at the studio, getting fit is just a bonus.

Would you rather, hill sprints or burpees?
Burpees fo’ sho’

What makes AMPM HQ different to other gyms?
It’s got a soul. I don’t even really know how to explain what I mean there, but the whole place seems to attract a certain type of people (the best type of people) and it has an energy all of its own.

What’s your biggest goal for 2018?
Finally learn to ride my unicycle!


Make your next move with AMPM – Check our timetable for classes today!


Get back on track with Dylan Cartwright

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Train one-on-one with AMPM’s Dylan Cartwright

Although he trains a few weight-loss and cali clients, Dylan describes himself as the ‘hype man’ of AMPM, someone who is constantly bringing the buzz and keeping every class upbeat and motivated, this is a key foundation in Dylan’s approach and is the kind of vibe you can expect to find in any class at AMPM HQ.

Dylan is offering up two great deals for his personal training clients, that are sure to get your 2018 fitness goals back on track!

  • Nutrition protocols and 2 pack of 60 minute sessions, $160
  • Nutrition protocols and 5 pack of 60 minute sessions, $370

If you’d like to chat with Dylan about your goals and how he can help, or you would just like more info, request a call back from him by entering your details below.

Learn more about Dylan HERE

Personal training specials with Harley Kay

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Train one-on-one with our very own Harley Kay

As an AMPM calisthenics coach, Harley is always striving to motivate people to better utilise their bodies. As a form of training that can be continued well into old age, Harley is a massive advocate for calisthenics and is always keen to get new faces into his class.

For a limited time only, Harley is offering two amazing deals:

  • 10 pack of 30 minute sessions or 5 pack of 60 minute sessions for $300
  • Personalised 8wk challenge that will be tailored to individual goals and aimed at:
    – building muscle and strength
    – lose weight
    – increase range of motion

If you’d like to chat with Harley about your goals and how he can help, or you would just like more info, request a call back from him by entering your details below.

Learn more about Harley Kay HERE

10 sessions with Gaz Griffiths

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Train one-on-one with our very own Gaz Griffiths

Gaz Griffiths is the master of moves at AMPM HQ, and initially burst onto the fitness scene through the art of break dancing. Towards the end of high school, he witnessed a classmate throwing down some moves in the school yard and from there, decided to start playing around with some steps of his own. After perfecting his style for a period of time, Gaz developed a strong passion for the sport and eventually went on to pursue a career in break dancing – competing as early as 2001 and internationally since 2005.

For a limited time only, Gaz is offering a 10-pack of goal-focused personal training sessions for only $632 (normally $790).

If you’d like to book a session and start kicking your goals with Gaz, or you would like more info, request a call back from him by entering your details below.

Learn more about Gaz Griffiths HERE

Meet AMPM’s Josh Sternberg

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Kicking off his fitness journey at the tender age of 3, Josh’s love of movement began through playing AFL. However, it wasn’t long before he was delving into any sport he could – athletics, hockey, touch football, netball and just about anything else he could find the time for. Becoming an AFL coach from the age of 13 and acquiring various coaching certificates throughout school, training and coaching is almost second nature to Josh – a trait that has become invaluable as a personal trainer.

Being his first passion, Josh focused his energy on AFL up until he turned 17 when he injured himself to the point where he was unable to run or train with his team. Despite his injuries, Josh was able to get into the gym and start an alternate style of training regime which is where he discovered his love for calisthenics.

After leaving school, Josh chose a career path in Real Estate – something which was short-lived due to his lack of passion for the profession. Going back to his roots, Josh decided to follow his love for fitness by becoming a qualified personal trainer and joining the ranks as an AMPM coach.

As a man with ambition, Josh can’t wait to dig his hands into his new role as trainer of both Tread and Iron Core classes. “Both sessions are pretty epic! We’ve got military style training which is intense and a bit more hands-on. Then we have iron core which is more about the strength and conditioning side of things – something I really love!”

Josh’s classes are based in the style of training that he has become accustomed to in the past. As someone who has a soft spot for strength and weight-training, this is reflected in his classes and training schedules.

For new clients, Josh’s number one piece of advice is to just try. Building up strength and skill initially takes time but once you’ve got that momentum and body awareness, incorporating a diverse range of moves into your repertoire becomes so much more natural. “All you can do is just go and give it a crack!”

Josh is currently looking to expand his client base throughout the gym so if you’re keen to start ticking off some new year’s resolutions, get into one of his explosive strength classes today!

Take a look at our timetable.

45 Mins with Morgan Rose

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Train one on one with our very own Morgan Rose Moroney

For a limited time only, Morgan is offering 45 minute PT sessions for only $50.

If you’d like to book a session with Morgan, or would like more info, request a call back from her by entering your details below.

Learn more about Morgan Rose HERE

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