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Meet AMPM’s Shane Rogers

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Shane Rogers is our explosive all-rounder at AMPM, allowing him to teach and train in all classes. Similar to many of our trainers, Shane kicked off his fitness career down at the Burleigh bars where he was practicing moves he’d seen on the internet. Through training there consistently, he met AMPM founder, Johann Ofner who began teaching him calisthenics in more depth, developing his passion for the sport.

Coming from humble beginnings himself, Shane knows all too well the desire to level up and master the art of motion and movement. He even admits to barely being capable of an average set of pull-ups when he first started – allowing him a better understanding of fitness progression and making him the perfect coach for those who haven’t quite mastered their moves.

Coming a long way from where he started, Shane now owes his fitness success to two key things: time and consistency. “Compared to where I am now, it seems pretty unachievable. We all started from a very low end but with time and consistency in our training, we’ve been able to get to where we are now.”

Another major player in Shane’s training sessions is mindset. According to him, your mindset is the whole game and without it, achieving goals is going to be really difficult. “Always keep it positive and your sessions will make you more positive in return.”

In addition to evolving fitness goals, Shane is currently working hard to pursue his dream as a Ninja Warrior in the next instalment of the show.

If you’re ready to achieve more fitness goals or simply wish to jump in and try something new, get into one of Shane’s awesome classes at AMPM HQ! For more info, head to our timetable page or come down to the gym and see for yourself!

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We all have our own ways to feel like we're flying 🦅

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Meet AMPM’s Dylan Cartwright

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Dylan Cartwright started his fitness career in the form of Martial Arts, something he trained in mercilessly for over 10 years. From there, Dylan turned down the path of calisthenics after meeting local Ninja and founder of the AMPM movement, Johann Ofner, before finally progressing into body building. Like many, he met Johann at “the bars” and was drawn to his infectious support and curiosity to know more and help more.

Although he trains a few weight-loss and cali clients, Dylan describes himself as the ‘hype man’ of AMPM, someone who is constantly bringing the buzz and keeping every class upbeat and motivated, this is a key foundation in Dylan’s approach and is the kind of vibe you can expect to find in any class at AMPM HQ.

Dylan’s top tip for mastering calisthenics is to savour the progressions; don’t try to advance too quickly as this is where most people will injure themselves – and therefore can’t train! “You’re never too strong to go back to the basics, especially with core training, so make sure everything you’re learning is embedded in the right way,” explains Dylan.

Outside of training, Dylan loves adventure and aims to travel more, jump out of more planes and seek more adrenaline-pumping activities. He is also very keen to get down to Muscle Beach in America where he will head to the bars and show off his moves.

If you’re keen to level up you’re training, come in with a never-give-up attitude and get buzzing with Dylan and the team!

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Meet AMPM’s Head Trainer Jeremiah Uzelpasaci

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Jeremiah, or “Jerry” as he’s affectionately known, is the life of the party at AMPM HQ. As head coach and specialising in calisthenics, Jeremiah’s training sessions are all about reaching high energy and having fun in an inclusive environment. Beyond developing a strong physique, however, Jeremiah centres his class regimes around creating functional, healthy bodies that optimise individual potential.

Being born and bred on the Gold Coast, this vivacious character entered the world of fitness as a lifeguard and Flow Rider instructor at Dreamworld. As a natural-born lover of movement and exercise, Jeremiah was encouraged to enter the health and fitness industry by his former aquatics supervisor. However, after completing his PT course, Jeremiah returned to the construction industry and continued training purely for passion. It was around this time that he met AMPM’s founder and patriarch Johann Ofner who began training him in the art of calisthenics. From there, the pair grew more and more inspired by what they were doing, laying foundations for the birth of the AMPM movement.

For many beginners, this style of training can seem quite daunting, which is where the difference with AMPM really comes into play. Training with Jeremiah means going at your own pace, allowing you to learn the basics at a speed you’re comfortable with, in an environment that is safe and enjoyable for all.

“For people who come in for the experience, I want them to feel as though they’re a part of a family, let alone a gym. I feel like we’re creating that community now,” he explains.

To keep things light, Jeremiah is known to throw a few signature dance moves into his sessions, especially to get a sneaky grin from those who might be a little flat or struggling to get through the session.

If you’re keen to develop your skills and increase fitness levels while having a blast, head to our timetable for more info or get in touch for information about training one-on-one with Jerry.

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Member Spotlight: Fit Mama Bear

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Name: Rachel

Nickname: Fit Mama Bear

Age: 36

How long have been part of the AMPM HQ family?

I signed up on the first day AMPM opened, I was even at the first ever Cali Conditioning class. It’s been around five months now.

What do you do for work?

I work at Nike Pacific Fair and I am a mobile personal trainer on the side.

What new skills have you learnt since being at HQ?

Hmmmm where do I start… I have always been quite fit but the strength and skill I have gained from AMPM are phenomenal. I have learned the correct way to do strict chin ups and pull ups, I have almost mastered a muscle up, laches, different styles of spins, ninja training and much more!

What motivates you to improve your health and fitness?

Having goals motivates me and being around positive like minded people who push each other and help each other to achieve these goals. Being fit and healthy is very important to me as I believe that if you are confident with the way you feel and look the happier you will be in all aspects of life.

Outside HQ and work, what do you spend your time doing?

I love to run I have participated in many runs so it is a passion for me, it also keeps me sane! I also spend time with my family. I have a 4 and 9-year-old, both girls. They are very active so we go to places like bounce, parks, beach, running, rock climbing or whatever we can find to do that is fun and adventurous. We are a very active family!

What makes AMPM HQ different to other gyms?

The atmosphere is like no other gym. The trainers are very motivating, inspiring and they push you to your next limits, but most of all they believe in you. Having someone believe in you makes all the difference in the way you train. I have so much fun doing all the classes and the AMPM family are some of the best people I have met. I have made many friends who all encourage each other. It was the best decision I have ever made was to train here.

Who would you recommend AMPM HQ to?

ANYONE who want results, any level or any age. All workouts are catered for any level, beginner through to progressing higher. The sky is the limit.

What’s your biggest goal for 2018?

To get that muscle up and to get into the firefighters!

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Benefits of calisthenics with Harley Kay

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Not everyone trains to bulk up or get “shredded”, but if you’re into surfing, skating or just about any other sport, it’s important to maintain a certain level of strength, flexibility and fitness to avoid pain and injury, be it short term or long term as a result of the activities you love most.
As a form of training that can be continued well into old age, calisthenics is the perfect workout for any person of any age or ability. By utilising the resistance of your own body rather than external weight systems, training cali also means a more functional workout that improves your ability to perform in most sports. More than this, Calisthenics teaches you how to use all elements of your body as a whole, rather than simply isolating and training individual muscles.

So what can be gained through this type of training? Mobility is one aspect of calisthenics that can be greatly improved through regular training.  Although your strength is constantly increasing, muscle mass doesn’t tend to grow the same as it would through a traditional weight-training regime – meaning you can stay light and agile whilst still ticking off all your strength goals.

Another key benefit of training calisthenics is the strengthening of your connective tissues, not just your major muscle groups. As you get older, your muscles tend to start withering away – but the things that hold your body together (your tendons, ligaments and the like) are kept healthy and strong through flex-mobility and cali training.

Consider a body builder, for example. You’ll often notice that, as they get older, they tend to lose their muscle mass as they begin to lose the ability to complete such intense training regimes. Contrastingly, athletes such as gymnasts are often still flipping around into their senior years doing cartwheels and handstands! This is all to do with the style of training you do and your body’s ability to continue training as such.

If you’re keen to learn more about calisthenics and how it can improve your ability to perform in just about any sport, get into AMPM HQ today!

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Summer's on its way! 🔥☀️😅

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Meet AMPM’s Harley Kay

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Coming from a strong sporting and yoga background, Harley now specialises in calisthenics and flex-mobility at AMPM. After dabbling with traditional styles of weight training, Harley found his real passion in training bars outdoors – at the park, the beach and pretty much anywhere else he could get stuck into a Cali session. As a lover of surfing, Harley now focuses on more functional types of training to ensure he stays lightweight and strong for the activities he loves. This is also reflected throughout his training regime, so if you’re interested in boosting your fitness without the bulk, Harley’s classes  and one on one sessions are for you!

As an AMPM calisthenics coach, Harley is always striving to motivate people to better utilise their bodies. As a form of training that can be continued well into old age, Harley is a massive advocate for calisthenics and is always keen to get new faces into his class.

“This kind of training teaches you how to use your body holistically. It’s not just isolating muscles, it’s using kinetic chains, resulting in a lot stronger muscle for the weight that you carry. Mobility is also a key factor of calisthenics – you can gain strength whilst retaining a high level of mobility. As something that can cause a great deal of pain as you get older, mobility training is so important for everyone, not just trainers and enthusiastic athletes. It’s something that caters to every persons’ needs,” he explains.

Aside from training, Harley is always trying to inspire people to live a healthy, happy lifestyle. With his infectious attitude, positive energy and dedication to well-being, training is always a blast with Harley Kay at AMPM HQ.

If you’re keen to get into one of Harley’s classes or book him for a one on one session, check out our timetables page or come in and see him at AMPM HQ!

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Trust the PROCESS 😤 REPS and SETS will get you where you want to be!

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Harness your inspiration to reach greater heights!

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Harness your inspiration to reach greater heights!

Everyone needs a little inspiration in their life – something to keep us moving forward and to encourage us when we waiver. As much as we wish we could achieve our fitness goals with ease, we all need that little push sometimes and harnessing the power of inspiration can give you the boost you need to achieve everything you’re capable of.

So what inspires you? Real inspiration isn’t something you can control or switch off. It should be so powerful that it has you leaping out of bed in the morning and fighting to get to sleep at night. Everything you are and everything you do will be controlled by that deep desire to smash your goals, create new ones and then smash them again. So when your motivation to push on begins to fade, it’s time to rediscover your source of inspiration. To do this, you need to really pinpoint the ‘why’ of your inspiration – what are your goals and why do you want to achieve them?

For me, inspiration comes from calisthenics guru Gina Scarangella. She’s not trying to compete with anyone. She’s just doing her own thing and she’s happy about it. You can tell she really enjoys it and that’s what I like to feel when I’m training – I like to challenge myself, and when I do achieve something that I didn’t think that I could do, it’s obviously a big, big thing for me.

Don’t just get inspired, be inspirational!

Harnessing the power to inspire others can also be a real driver for any team, especially in a fitness environment. People who seek inspiration (and are equally dedicated to inspiring others) often seek out environments where likeminded people can bounce off each other and constantly push to achieve greater things.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to see you at AMPM HQ!

With happy, dedicated and inspirational people always vibing off each other, getting inspired is never a struggle at AMPM.


For more about Skye Haddy, head to ‘Meet Skye’

To book a one on one personal training session with Skye, email hq@teamampm.com 

Meet AMPM’s Morgan Rose Moroney

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Morgan Rose Moroney is the AMPM resident gymnastics and hand balancing guru. With a wide area of expertise in the field of motion and movement, Morgan’s explosive classes are the ultimate workout to increase strength, balance and mindset.

So how did it all start? Morgan’s fitness journey began as an energetic 4-year-old doing cartwheels and other tricks around the house. Seeing the dedication and passion exuded in every move, her parents decided to enrol her in a local gymnastics class which is where her love for movement really evolved. After recognising Morgan’s exceptional talent, her coach put her straight through his elite program. Although she didn’t start competing until level 7, Morgan went on to compete at both state and national competitions where she eventually brought home 8 national titles.

As she got a bit older, Morgan’s focus drifted from gymnastics to include a range of other sports including AFL, swimming, athletics and pretty much any other sport she could get into. However, since becoming a part of the AMPM team, Morgan has returned to her roots as a gymnastics and hand balancing coach. Being a gymnast at heart but a lover of all things athletic, Morgan was the perfect fit for AMPM. Her ability to teach technical skills combined with her passion and determination to continue learning new moves makes her a dynamite force to be reckoned with. But more than anything, she has fun! Being an adrenaline junky, Morgan’s classes are all about having fun, learning new things and getting fit in the process.

Interested in trying one of Morgan’s classes? Here are 3 fundamentals to bring along to every class:

  • Be Comfortable: “My hand-balancing class is very community-based. Everyone is friendly with each other. I want you to feel comfortable and to be able to go talk to anyone, ask them for help and be honest with where you’re at”.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask help: “In a handstand environment, some people might be doing really well, for others it might be their first time. We’re very understanding and really easy to talk to … so if you need help, just come ask us! There’s nothing that we won’t help you with.”
  • Have fun: “My classes aren’t all about fitness, but about having fun! You sort of go at your own pace, learn what you want to learn, and then we just come and help you get to the point that you want to be at. There’s reasons why you do fitness classes and then there’s reasons why you do a handstand class – which is for the love of the skill!

For more info on Morgan’s classes, head to our timetable page or give us a call on 07 5554 5002.

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Hollowback handstand drills against a box 😛

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Member Spotlight: B-Rad

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Name: Brad Paull
Nickname: B-rad
Age: 36

1. How long have been part of the AMPM HQ family?

From the day AMPM HQ opened

2. What’s your favourite class?

It would have to be Cali conditioning

3. What’s your most dreaded exercise?


4. Who’s your favourite Coach and why?

Whoever doesn’t make me run….. because they don’t make me run! Closely followed by Jerry…. because who doesn’t love Jerry!?

5. What new skills have you learned since becoming a member at HQ?

Muscle-up and back-lever progressions have been the highlight for me. I still have a long way to go, but every day I see improvement.

6. Who would you recommend AMPM HQ to?

I recommend it to everyone I talk to when discussing any type of training. The training I do here is truly a core, functional form of fitness.

7. What do you love most about being part of the AMPM HQ family and what motivates you to keep coming back?

There is so much love in the air… the vibes are always positive.
I keep coming back every day because I love it. Although the training is tough, I walk out feeling better than I did when I walked in.

8. And most importantly, if you were a Superhero, what would your name and superpower be?

Aqua Man! My superpower would be the ability to install another water bubbler that fills up bottles in seconds rather than that heap of junk that takes forever 😂😂😂

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