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Meet AMPM’s Head Trainer Jeremiah Uzelpasaci

Jeremiah, or “Jerry” as he’s affectionately known, is the life of the party at AMPM HQ. As head coach and specialising in calisthenics, Jeremiah’s training sessions are all about reaching high energy and having fun in an inclusive environment. Beyond developing a strong physique, however, Jeremiah centres his class regimes around...

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Member Spotlight: Fit Mama Bear

Name: Rachel Nickname: Fit Mama Bear Age: 36 How long have been part of the AMPM HQ family? I signed up on the first day AMPM opened, I was even at the first ever Cali Conditioning class. It’s been around five months now. What do you do for work? I...

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Benefits of calisthenics with Harley Kay

Not everyone trains to bulk up or get “shredded”, but if you’re into surfing, skating or just about any other sport, it’s important to maintain a certain level of strength, flexibility and fitness to avoid pain and injury, be it short term or long term as a result of the...

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Meet AMPM’s Harley Kay

Coming from a strong sporting and yoga background, Harley now specialises in calisthenics and flex-mobility at AMPM. After dabbling with traditional styles of weight training, Harley found his real passion in training bars outdoors – at the park, the beach and pretty much anywhere else he could get stuck into...

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Harness your inspiration to reach greater heights!

Harness your inspiration to reach greater heights! Everyone needs a little inspiration in their life – something to keep us moving forward and to encourage us when we waiver. As much as we wish we could achieve our fitness goals with ease, we all need that little push sometimes and...

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Meet AMPM’s Morgan Rose Moroney

Morgan Rose Moroney is the AMPM resident gymnastics and hand balancing guru. With a wide area of expertise in the field of motion and movement, Morgan’s explosive classes are the ultimate workout to increase strength, balance and mindset. So how did it all start? Morgan’s fitness journey began as an...

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Member Spotlight: B-Rad

Name: Brad Paull Nickname: B-rad Age: 36 1. How long have been part of the AMPM HQ family? From the day AMPM HQ opened 2. What’s your favourite class? It would have to be Cali conditioning 3. What’s your most dreaded exercise? Running 4. Who’s your favourite Coach and why?...

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Meet AMPM’s Skye Haddy

Skye Haddy is all about challenging herself and those around her through a fun and active lifestyle, something which is consistently personified through her training regime. Being a passionate and dedicated athlete, Skye also believes strongly in doing what you love and always challenging yourself to achieve bigger and better things....

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What does it mean to be dedicated?

By definition, dedication is “the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose.” However, when we think about it in terms of our personal goals, dedication is so much more than this. In essence, dedication is about being completely devoted to an outcome or destination. Where are...

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Level 1 Kids Acro with Skye Haddy

Introducing our Level 1 Movement Program for kids! This 8-week program consists of one class per week and is designed to give kids a platform to learn things such as tumbling, rolling, handstands and cartwheels before progressing into walkovers and handsprings – all in a fun and safe environment and...

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