• April 15, 2018
  • Ben Whitmore
  • Jazi
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Mastering Movement with Massage Therapy

Although consistent training can be both exceptionally good for your health and exceedingly gratifying for your mind, it also has the tendency to bring about some not-so-pleasant aftereffects for your body as well.  For this reason, massage therapy has become increasingly popular with sports men and women from a wide range of disciplines to assist with improved performance and recovery. Not to be confused with relaxation massage, sports massage therapy has been proven to provide pain relief, greater flexibility and reduced recovery time in addition to more noticeable benefits such as increased muscle tone.

  • Pain Relief

As we’ve all experienced, training and exercise in general can leave you feeling tight and sore, even if you are taking part in an adequate stretching routine. Receiving a massage after your workout can assist with preventing such pain and can even prevent post-training soreness and injury in the future.

  • Greater Flexibility and Range of Motion

As most forms of training lead to heightened muscle tension, massage can assist with stretching out the muscle fibres, facilitating greater flexibility and subsequently reducing risk of injury. For anyone pursuing better fitness and particularly increased strength, having a high degree of flexibility can greatly assist with maximising performance.

  • Improve Circulation, Eliminate Toxins & Reduced Recovery Time

Sports massage therapy is also an excellent circulation booster, meaning that microscopic muscle tears experienced through weight training will be repaired much more quickly as a result of increased blood flow.  Improved circulation can also assist with releasing toxins and other metabolic wastes such as lactic acid from your tissues and muscles via your blood and lymphatic system, as well as facilitating food and oxygen supply – meaning a speedier recovery and improved performance.

  • Increased Muscle Tone

In addition to encouraging pain relief, greater flexibility and reduced recovery time, massage can also assist with increasing muscle tone by stimulating the natural reflexes of your muscle fibres.
If you’re keen to start optimising your training regime with post-workout massage therapy, get into AMPM and have a chat with our resident massage therapist, Jazi!

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