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  • November 20, 2017
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Meet AMPM’s Harley Kay

Coming from a strong sporting and yoga background, Harley now specialises in calisthenics and flex-mobility at AMPM. After dabbling with traditional styles of weight training, Harley found his real passion in training bars outdoors – at the park, the beach and pretty much anywhere else he could get stuck into a Cali session. As a lover of surfing, Harley now focuses on more functional types of training to ensure he stays lightweight and strong for the activities he loves. This is also reflected throughout his training regime, so if you’re interested in boosting your fitness without the bulk, Harley’s classes  and one on one sessions are for you!

As an AMPM calisthenics coach, Harley is always striving to motivate people to better utilise their bodies. As a form of training that can be continued well into old age, Harley is a massive advocate for calisthenics and is always keen to get new faces into his class.

“This kind of training teaches you how to use your body holistically. It’s not just isolating muscles, it’s using kinetic chains, resulting in a lot stronger muscle for the weight that you carry. Mobility is also a key factor of calisthenics – you can gain strength whilst retaining a high level of mobility. As something that can cause a great deal of pain as you get older, mobility training is so important for everyone, not just trainers and enthusiastic athletes. It’s something that caters to every persons’ needs,” he explains.

Aside from training, Harley is always trying to inspire people to live a healthy, happy lifestyle. With his infectious attitude, positive energy and dedication to well-being, training is always a blast with Harley Kay at AMPM HQ.

If you’re keen to get into one of Harley’s classes or book him for a one on one session, check out our timetables page or come in and see him at AMPM HQ!

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