• December 10, 2019
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Positivity Makes Progress

Why We Are Different at AMPM?

To make progression in your training – it needs to be more about the training itself. At AMPM, we have created a movement around body weight workouts. We’ve developed a completely different atmosphere in the way people train. Positivity makes progress.

The Four Ways We Have We Done This:

Check out below the FOUR way in which training with AMPM is more than jut a work out but a movement.

1.Positive Vibes – Bringing The Energy:

We focus on positive energy and how everyone (no matter your fitness level) is capable of achieving something. Achieving is believing.
Here’s what our members say:
Every time I walk through those doors I see so many people who are just genuinely excited to see everybody training together.”
“The energy here is like stepping out of reality and into this bubble of positivity.” 

2. Progression:

Positivity creates progression. A positive mindset encourages you to train more and you really feel the difference of doing a great session. 
“The progressions that you see with people in this gym are just unbelievable in a short amount of time.”
That isn’t because you are training harder, but because we make sure our team and our environment encourage you to progress. We put down the challenge and inspire each other to achieve something that we never thought we could before.

3. Setting the Benchmark:

Getting fit is about teamwork and it can’t be achieved on its own. Our focus is on a type of training where you’re working out alongside our trainers and your crew so you can ALL get great results.
Running on a treadmill with earplugs in isn’t really our thing. We encourage our community to engage with each other and help drive each other to reach their next goal. Lots of high-fives, energy and encouragement. We lead by example.
“A lot of people you know at AMPM are often messaging each other checking that they are going to be there to get amongst it.” 

4. Keep on Being You. It Just Might End Up Being a Slightly Better Version!

It’s ok to be you. In any pursuit in life, motivation is the key to success. We don’t provide a cookie-cutter approach to working out. Every day is different. We focus on the energy in the room, what the vibe is and how people are feeling. 
“A good day or a bad day. It would make no difference to anyone here, they would just accept me if I was being quiet.”
Working out can mean different things to different people. Stress release, fun, training for an event, setting yourself a goal. No matter what your MOTIVATION – our team cater for that.
We want working out with us to be the best part of your day.
We are more like a community than a gym. And remember positivity makes progress.

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