The 10 Most Important Benefits of Body Weight Exercises
  • March 22, 2021
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The 10 Most Important Benefits of Body Weight Exercises

Do you want to start a new, fresh, and healthy daily routine? Whether you’ve never set foot in a gym or you’re a fitness pro, body weight training will bring you nothing but benefits. If you still doubt whether body weight exercise is the right exercise type for you, this article will give you a final push towards making the best decision.

Let’s jump right in with some of the most important benefits of body weight exercises.

Effective at Building Muscle

Body weight workouts usually come in sets of different exercises that are extremely effective in building muscles. If you thought the only way to building strong muscles is lifting tons weights every day, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Body weight exercises have high output with a very low investment. All you need is – your body (and some willpower)!

A 2016 study showed that you can grow muscles independently of external loads (weights)! You just have to perform these exercises through a full-motion range. With AMPM, you can do just that.

Help in the Weight Loss Process

Using your body to do short bursts of strength exercises actually helps with weight loss. We’ve explained above how body weight exercises do a great job at building muscle. Having toned muscles means your body will burn more calories when it’s resting, providing them with energy. This will help improve your resting metabolism – one of the key factors when it comes to losing weight.

How is my resting metabolism related to losing weight, you might wonder? Well, your resting metabolism shows how fast your body burns energy when it’s not moving. The more muscle you have, the more energy is needed to keep them working – even when you rest. So yes, the correlation is clear: Bodyweight exercise à Building muscle àLosing more calories (even when you sleep!)

Improve Balance and Flexibility

The sheer fact of relying on your body to do a specific exercise means you have to use your balance to not fall down. Most likely, there will be an exercise you find particularly hard in the beginning. As you keep repeating it over and over again, you’ll notice it’s suddenly becoming much easier to complete as your balance and flexibility are improving. Working your whole body will improve your core and limb strength, which are key factors for improving flexibility.

Perfect for All Fitness Levels

One of the best things about body weight exercises is that you can make them as hard or as easy as you want. The fact of not relying on a machine but your whole body means you can follow a pace that will get the most of your current abilities. Just as these exercises gradually improve your balance and flexibility, they do the same with your endurance. You can opt for long, slow sessions, or high-intensity interval ones. After just a couple of sessions, you’ll realize how you can handle more and more intensive workouts.

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of exercises or you’re a fitness guru, this form of training is suitable for all stages and ages.

10 Most Important Benefits of Body Weight Exercises

Works Your Full Body

When you exercise, you want to be efficient and do it right. While some professional sportsmen pay particular attention to a specific body part, most people actually need a full-body workout. Body weight exercises work with different muscle groups at the same time. For example, push-ups not only work your shoulders and upper body, but they’re also super effective at building your core strength. Squats do the same thing to your core – in addition to being an excellent lower-body exercise.

Combination of Cardio and Strength Workouts

Yes, you’ve read it right. You’ll get two-in-one with body weight workouts: cardio and strength. Cardio will get your heart pumping while making it stronger with each new training session. We’ve already covered how beneficial these workouts are for strength and building muscle. There’s your perfect combo!

Fun Is Its Middle Name

There’s nothing worse than being stuck with boring, monotonous workout sessions that never seem to end. What is great about body weight workouts is that they’re basically limitless in the number of exercises you can do. You can combine series of different bodyweight movements, vary the repetitions, speed, intensity – basically every aspect of the training is changeable. This way, you can always add a new movement or exclude the one you’re tired of. There are hundreds of exercises in the body weight domain – all at your service.


Here’s one of the most important benefits if you’re training on a budget. Doing a body weight workout doesn’t require any special expense at all – all you need is a comfortable pair of shoes, a T-shirt and some shorts. No need to buy expensive fitness equipment that’ll eventually bore you.

Note: If you sign up with us, know that we offer week-to-week payments so that you never break the bank.

10 Important Benefits of Body Weight Exercises

Result Driven

What better feeling than being aware of how your body improves and being able to track every single change? You can only do that when you are in full control of your body – with the body weight workout. If you only managed to do five push-ups in your workout today, you’ll make it to six tomorrow. Doing those ten pull-ups might be giving you nightmares if you’re a beginner, but you can get there faster than you thought. All you need to do is – keep working out and pushing your limits one step at a time.

Less Chance of Injury

Similar to swimming, which is known as the sport with the smallest chance of injury, body weight workouts minimize the risk of hurting yourself. This is another reason why we prefer this type of exercise to lifting weights for building muscle. Yes, weights can help you get that swole look, but they are also more likely to hurt you in the process. Your joints will suffer extreme pressure, and your muscles can strain from too much weight you put on them. On the other hand, body weight exercises use nothing but your own body to tone muscles – resulting in less pressure on both joints and muscles.

Make No Mistake With Body Weight Exercises

Reading this article, you could see how beneficial body weight exercises actually are. There’s just no downside to them because they are extremely adjustable, safe, and diverse. These high-output workouts are suitable for all ages and fitness groups as well.

Our final word – you’ll make no mistake by choosing a body weight workout. It’s one of the best investments for your body you’ll be thankful for from Day 1.

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